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Some of my amazing clients:






Vocalink is a payment systems company headquartered in the United Kingdom, created in 2007 from the merger between Voca and LINK. It designs, builds and operates the UK payments infrastructure, which underpins the provision of the Bacs payment system, the Direct Debit system, the UK ATM LINK switching platform covering 65,000 ATMs and the UK Faster Payments system.


We wanted something innovative, inspiring and different. Oliver was recommended and together, as a development partner we created a bespoke leadership development programme delivered to over 20 managers over 12 months


“As part of our staff development plan we recognised that using an outside training provider could bring new skills and also a new perspective on some of our current processes and training techniques. We chose Oliver as we felt that he was able to offer us not only high quality training sessions in Neuro-science and behavoural change but a real understanding of what we are trying to achieve within the department. His attention to our needs rather than providing 'off the shelf' solutions have enabled us to work closely together to refine our monitoring, coaching and development processes to ensure our continued high standards."


John Hazelwood – Project Director



Billy Schwer, Mentalboxing


Ex world champion boxer and motivational speaker and coach Billy is a curious and dynamic individual who is always looking to gain an edge. He joined the Business Brain to accelerate his ability.


Logo Fuses Universal



Fuse Universal is a fanatic innovator in knowledge sharing, transforming the learning experiences of organisations across the world. Sales Training and Coaching Programme run over 6 months. Result….

Training was run in July / Aug and since then our sales team have displayed an increase in results of approx. 20% Win to Loss ratio increased seasonally by 30% compared to last year.


“We felt that in order to maximise our impact with every interaction it was imperative to become more aware of how we behave and how we understand that what we say has a huge bearing on our ability to build trust and establish rapport.

Oliver educated our sales team to appreciate the subtleties of behaviour and empower them all with a better appreciation and understanding of how to best interact with new and existing clients.


The behavioural change in the team is clear. I can actually see and hear their verbal tools being positively implemented. We are now more than happy to recommend Oliver as our dedicated training provider."


Steve Dineen – Founder & MD





POUTMEDIA is a London based creative media company using photo and video to create visually engaging DIGITAL ASSET LIBRARIES. Jenn is one of the founders and directors. She wanted to explore the ways in which Pout could generate more business and provide killer customer engagement. She joined the Business brain to learn the cognitive skills that would ‘make the difference’.







Elevate East London (Elevate) was set up in 2010 as a joint venture between the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (LBBD) and Agilisys, an innovative and successful provider of digital and business solutions.

Elevate implements and supports systems and processes that transform services and create many benefits for our clients:


“The team are so much more thoughtful now. Jahil has achieved a level of gravitas that is quite astounding in one so young. He listens more, and responds appropriately, and gives advice well. 


Terry said originally he had dreaded going on the training, but once there he realised the value. He did say you pushed him out of his comfort zone and that was hard for him. His primary lesson is that he needs to look after himself, in order to do a good job and to look after others. We had an interesting chat about further development for him and his team. He tells me that you and his doctor have reduced his blood pressure – tablets and the techniques you have taught him mean he no longer has a daily headache, and he can now think more clearly. That’s not a bad recommendation!


So overall a resounding success.”


Sue Lees – Chief Executive



Some of my recommended associates:


The Change Directors - Human Resources Consultants


Anello - Telecoms Service (Mobile & Landline)                                                     

BGI – Business Strategy

Twisted Fish - IT Support Services

Performance Running - Athletic Coaches



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