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Brain food: Awareness And Empathy

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The key to successful interactions with people....relationships if you like, can be simply discribed with one metaphor.

We can choose to look at that moment using a mirror or a window. If you always use a mirror you will see everything relating back to you. You will be using your own filters. Your needs. Your values. Your beliefs. Your own emotions. If you like what you see you will probably have constructive responses. If you don't then your responses may well be destructive, based on the event not making sense to the ego within you. Your reflected self.

If you look at the situation through a window you will be exploring what's actually going on outside in the world around us. We will see others and their environment. We will learn because it's not always as we thought or want. People often only respond in line with their past experiences and quite often need us to help them see the same thing in a number of different, resourceful ways.

Remove the mirror and open a window. It may just help you see things more clearly.

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