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Frames of Thinking

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Brain booster: Frames of thinking.

It's quite difficult to imagine but often it's not our problems that are the issue, it actually our thinking towards the situation or person that generate our limitations.

Let's take money. Money is not a problem, but if we value supporting others through kindness and associate wealth to greed and status then quite often we can negate positive financial gains by acting in reflection of these beliefs. We may reject accepting financial kindness because we feel it lacks any real emotional meaning. We may live within our earning potential because being financially secure almost compromises our social position we're currently comfortable living within.

Let's look again. Being empathetic can often be seen by many as a sign of weakness. We could view empathy through a lenses of actions associated with 'pink, fluffy and over sensitive'. This is simply devaluing a strong behavioural trait where we can interact with others more effectively and create winning relationships.

So, before you experience something or someone, try and step out and explore what thinking 'lense' you're using to view the situation. Is the lense helping you construct a resourceful view of things or is it restricting your view and therefore your response?

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