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How to Train Your Business Brain TV Interview - The Power of Failure

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

A neat insight into THE most common question I get asked - what is the Business Brain?

Is it:

• the capacity to think differently, so you can create something remarkable and unique

• the ability to become mindful and more resourceful in your responses

• the power to connect to people with empathy and warmth

• the ability to generate positive change, even when there are fears and doubts

• being prepared to fail and take the necessary risks for long-term success

• the mental resilience to overcome rejection and disappointment without losing hope and focus?

I would suggest that a Business Brain is all of the above and potentially much more.

What it is that you want to achieve? Do you want to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Are you hoping to design and develop a new product? Are you trying to be more serious about you career and become a high achiever? Perhaps you want to develop a team or just improve your personal impact?

Whatever your goal, the Programme and Book contain the tools that will help you to achieve your vision and develop your Business Brain. As you experience the programme and complete the workouts you will become a more resourceful, powerful and fulfilled individual. Think of it as a mental fitness programme – one that contains all the cognitive exercises for success. Like a personal trainer, it will take you through all the strategies you need to realise your business dreams. All you have to do is be curious, stick with it and take action on the workouts provided.

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